If you’ve ever been to a market in Melbourne, chances are you’ve seen my work. I have been partnering with the markets across Melbourne for over 12 years to capture what makes these places so special. Markets are the heart and soul of a city, and the people are the heart and soul of the markets. From special promotional campaigns, to big special events, to social media content, I’ve done it all.

I have a long portfolio of regular commercial clients, including the Melbourne markets and beyond. My commercial work includes:

  • Lifestyle photography

  • Product photos

  • On-site portraits

  • Branding 

  • Social media image content

  • Large-scale events

"Kristyna Hessova has fifteen years’ experience in retail photography including  South Melbourne Market and Queen Victoria Market, doing both stallholder, shopper and nightmarket shoots.


The technical quality of Kristyna’s work is exceptional but her ability to draw out humanity, humility, engagement and relatability is what makes her work stand out. Kristyna’s skill lies in her ability to understand and listen to the subjects, helping them find a way to express themselves on behalf of their product. The resultant images engage the viewer and enhance sales."

Claude Baxter, former manager at South Melbourne Market



And many more. Please contact me for a quote. Together we can determine how to best capture what makes your work so special and bring it to life through photographs. 

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