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On the first day of the COVID-19 lockdown in Victoria, I had no bookings. I had no work and nothing to lose. So I followed my instinct. I threw myself into documenting individual stories with photos and an audio interview, sharing them on social media. I wasn’t sure why, but I felt it was important.  


It immediately created a big wave of positive reactions. Everyone is excited to share their story, how they feel, survive, thrive, and fall in these unprecedented circumstances. There are families separated for months on different continents. Funerals with the family attending only over bad reception on Skype. People finally following their passion and creating a new career in the middle of isolation. There is a whole street coming together to pay respect to an elderly couple they never spoke to before. People make bread, sew masks, cook dinners, bake cakes, create artwork, offer meditation, yoga, dance classes, and local life news all for each other. 

I fell in love with following up on your lives, my friends. I am fascinated by the resilience we all find in helping each other in the times of crises. 

My goal is to create a Talking Exhibition with street style A0 posters and a QR code to read and listen to on your mobile phone. A full circle where we take the COVID-19 experience to a natural conclusion. I am looking for funding. Please contact me if you are able to help to make this dream come true.

I still accept new stories into the series.


Let me share your story.

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Lockdown Portraits has been featured on Channel 9, the Legend Element podcast, and Star Weekly

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