My beautiful dancers. Just like you, I’ve been using pole dancing and training on the pole as a way to express myself and stay fit. I love it! I’ve been a part of the pole and hoop industry since it started and have been training myself for over 15 years. 


For the last 10 years, I’ve been shooting pole dancing photography across Australia and Europe. Just like training on the pole is my physical outlet, photographing my fellow dancers is my creative professional outlet. I have a unique artistic approach than other photographers who may not know the craft as a dancer does. I love using outdoor locations and have taken pole and hoop photographs in beautiful places like waterfalls, the beach, in the forest, and under bridges. I combine nature with beautiful silks to highlight the amazing dancers.

Multiple times per year, I collaborate with dance studios to offer whole day photo shoots.

If you are an individual who is interested in a photo shoot, please contact me. Depending on your location, we can arrange a photo shoot through the studio you train at. Or, we can connect you to a nearby studio and invite you to the next local photo shoot.

If you represent a studio, please reach out so we can organize a photo shoot opportunity for all of the students at your studio.